Tristram is a small town that sits in the foothills of the Ironwall Mountains, on the boarder between The North and The South. It’s main feature is a large, derelict cathedral built on the ruins of an ancient monastery which is said to be haunted; this has caused much of the town’s population to abandon it, leaving it little more than a ruin to be explored by eager adventurers.


In ancient times, the monastery that the Tristram Cathedral would eventually be built upon was an outpost of a powerful order of mages called the Horadrim. The Horadrim lived in the Ancient East, a great civilization which once dominated the entirety of what they considered the known world that was eventually destroyed in a great cataclysm which reshaped the entirety of the planet. History moved on, and eventually a group of human pilgrims built cathedral over the ruins and a village sprung up around it.

For most of the town’s history, the cathedral was silent and peaceful, and served as the town hall, court house, and non-denominational center of worship. Besides a nearby series of Dwarven tunnels leading to Stonefang Pass, the town had little contact or trade with the outside world, and aside from being briefly “conquered” by the Empire of Corneria as part of it’s ongoing war with the neighboring Kingdom of Lorderon in 4e 1230, it remained largely isolated.


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