West Family Trading Company

The West Family Trading Company is a the largest (and only) corporation in the world.
It’s headquarters is located in Westport, capitol city of the West Family Trading Company Holdings, a sovereign state encompassing approximately 100 square miles of land on the west coast of the Western Continent, directly to the east of the Centaur Nations.

The Company was founded an unknown number of years ago by a gnome named Kanye West, who is rumored to have acquired eternal youth by bargaining with a powerful Fey Lord he met one fateful day in the Goblin Markets; the price negotiated for such a precious gift is unknown, but is said to have yet to be claimed by the debtor.

The lands encompassing the WFTC Holdings were acquired slowly over a number of years through shady dealings with the naive and pacifistic Centaur Nations, as well as coercive pressure put on neighboring human states after running them into debt through exorbitant trade deals. The West Family manages to maintain it’s claim on it’s lands despite the tumultuous geo-political situation on the Western Continent through a combination of geographic isolationism, threats of trade sanctions, and the occasional show of force via their enormous stockpile of firearms and other cutting-edge weaponry (including the recent acquisition of warforged parts rumored to be fueling the creation of a slave army made up of cybernetic-enhanced soldiers).

Assets and Subsidiaries

West Family Trading Company

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