Dragon Balls

“The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them.”
-Akira Toriyama, High Priest of Dragon


The Dragon Balls are a set of seven orange, crystalline spheres approximately the size of a grapefruit, each displaying a red five-pointed star that signifies it’s number in the set. They were created by Dragon, a member of the Pantheon of Twelve Earthly Branches, and have the ability to call forth his avatar when all seven are gathered together in order to grant their possessor a single true, perfect wish.


The Dragon Balls have existed since before the beginning of human civilization in the South, and have been used 4 known times since the beginning of recorded history. They have also, unknown to most scholars (including the Church of the Twelve Gods), been used an additional two times.


  • Each Dragon Ball is almost completely indestructible – they are treated as having infinite Hardness, and are Immune to Magic and Psionics; nothing less than the power of a Greater Deity could manage to damage or destroy one.
  • In order to make a wish, all 7 must be gathered within one meter of each other in an open area, at which point they will all begin to glow with a bright, multi-coloured light. At this point, the user must raise their hands and speak the following words (in the Southern dialect of Common): “Eternal Dragon, rise up and grant my wish!”
  • The Avatar of Dragon will grant the first wish uttered (in any language) after it is called, by whomever is present, even if they did not speak the command phrase.
  • The resulting wish is treated as a Miracle spell, as cast by the Avatar of Dragon himself, and is not limited by alignment (i.e. a wish can be used for evil ends), and thus can be used for almost anything the user can imagine – legitimate wishes include eternal youth, restoring dead loved ones to life, the creation of an entire new plane of existence (under the wisher’s command), or even complete, perfect immortality for the user. About the only thing such a wish cannot do is to harm or kill a god, although it can be used to strip Lesser Deities and Demigods of their divine power (though it is unable to affect Intermediate and Greater Deities), leaving them able to be killed by powerful mortals.
  • A wish made with the Dragon Balls is functions exactly as intended, rather than attempting to twist it so that while the wish is technically, literally fulfilled, the user’s life is made even more difficult (otherwise there would be little point in seeking them out in the first place.) However, like any course of action, the wish may have consequences that the user did not anticipate.
  • After a wish is made, the Avatar of Dragon disappears and the Dragon Balls rise into the air before turning to stone and scattering across the planet – they remain in this state for a year and a day, after which they can be found again. In the entire course of history, no one has managed to find all 7 of them in less than 100 years after a given wish is made.

Dragon Balls

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